Kingston Youth Families

Kingston Youth Families


Family Reunite Program

The Kingston Youth Shelter (in partnership with Operation Come Home) is pleased to provide youth an opportunity to be reunited with family anywhere across Canada.

The Reunite program assists youth ages 16-19 that have left home in reuniting with their parents/guardians anywhere across Canada by providing family support & transportation at no cost.

To be eligible, a youth must be:

  • between the ages of 16-19 years
  • not fleeing any legal issues
  • returning to parents/legal guardians

A youth does not need to be a resident of The Kingston Youth Shelter to access this program.

To access Reunite, simply stop by 234 Brock Street or call The Kingston Youth Shelter at 613-766-3200 and speak with one of our Counsellors who will determine eligibility and guide you through the process.

In a non-emergency situation, you can email

Family Support Program

The family support program is aimed at preventing youth homelessness by providing support to families to help address family breakdown, youth/parent conflict, and general communication difficulties that may leave youth at a greater risk of entering homelessness. This outreach position is able to meet with the family where they feel most comfortable with the goal of immediate crisis intervention, while providing access to longer term supports. Our Family Support Worker Nick Saray can be reached by calling 613 766 3200 or by email to